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Quickbooks Online Singapore

Why Quickbooks Online Accounting Software?

Quickbooks is one of Iras compliant online accounting software for small business in Singapore. It is popular among many Singapore SME companies to save time in organizing business finances and performing bookkeeping. Apart from the desktop version, Quickbooks comes with online version. SME can get to enjoy same desktop features with Quickbooks online where it is always accessible anywhere with internet connection. As redundant servers are available, your accounting services are less likely to get affected from any server downtime.


1. Secured in the Cloud With Control Features

Your accounting data is secured in the cloud with the same leading secure sockets layer (SSL) encryption technology that is used by world’s top banking institutions. Multi-user collaboration is possible with Quickbooks online accounting software by granting permission and control rights to who are able to login and access your data, be it total access or partial access to certain reports.


2. Automatic Backup With Routine Schedule For Singapore SME

Backup is done automatically by Quickbooks system in the cloud. Singapore SME companies are able to save any effort and cost in managing physical backup copies by yourself. Quickbooks online accounting software also allows flexibility in downloading additional copy of your data to your hard drive. By setting up schedule routine jobs, Quickbooks will help to export all your company data to your desktop in the emails no matter where you are.


3. No More Hassle and Cost for New Downloads and Updates

Unlike some accounting software where accounting services support are not available or require additional cost, Quickbooks Online is always kept updated with the latest version automatically at its current pricing. No additional fees or downloads required for installing any new updates.


4. Compatible with Mac or Windows System

As all operating system has a web brower to access internet, it is easy to login to Quickbooks and compatible with any operating system and app in Singapore or overseas. Quickbooks syncs data automatically across your desktop computer, mobile devices such as iPad, iPhone, or Android.


5. More of Quickbooks Online Accounting Software Features

  • Inventory tracking, project tracking of sales and expenses with elegantly designed dashboards to see job profitability
  • Easy management and fast creation of custom invoices with logo and necessary fields, quotations, purchase orders.
  • Generate GST report for submission
  • Multiple currencies


Still unsure of using Quickbooks Online or Xero accounting software for your business in Singapore? Simply contact us for free consultation or check find out more of our services at Accounting Services Singapore Price List.



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