An organization need to have good personnel controls with competent employees to function properly after company incorporation. This process should begin with selection of employees who have the necessary skills and intelligence to perform job assignment. All employees should then be provided with adequate training and supervision in order to accomplish their assigned tasks in the most efficient manner. In house accountants should be hired or outsourced accounting matters to accounting services provider.

Employee responsibilities must be clearly defined. This encourages efficiency and helps to avoid employee confusion. Overlapping or ill-defined job responsibilities can sometimes lead to errors or irregularities. Employees should be rotated to different jobs within an organization periodically. This procedure provides several benefits. First, the employees gain a larger understanding of the overall organization. In addition, it can increase both value of an employee as well as provide management with a good deal of flexibility since employees are familiar with more than one job. This process can also strengthen the organization since irregularities or deviations from standard operating policies will be discovered when employees are rotated. In fact, employee rotation may discourage irregular practices since the employee is aware that someone else will be reviewing their work very shortly.