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Payroll Software Singapore

Centralised HR Management Solution: Payroll Software With Leave Management System

Why spend valuable hours on payroll management and leave management when you can do in minutes with our recommended online payroll software? Singapore Accounting provides efficient, simple to use human resource management solution in the cloud. Outsourced payroll services to us where our authorised consultants can help to setup accounts for your entire company in minutes.

Suitable for startup, SME or companies in Singapore looking for:
1. Centralised payroll administration management solution of all employee records, leave and payroll processing services.
2. 3rd party payroll software to link chart of accounts or integrate with xero accounting software.
3. Online payroll services for small business to replace tedious paperwork management.
4. Change of existing payroll system or upgrade with more scalability option.
5. Singapore payroll services company where professionals can ensure the organisation is always in compliance with regulatory requirements and updated with leave entitlements covered under the latest Singapore Employment Act or changes to local labour law.

1. Efficient Company Profiles Management System

Imagine if you have an organisation of more than 10 or 100 employees. How do you manage your time, money, human resources effectively every month with their payslips and leave applications? Are you using papers, excel, one software for payroll and another software just to keep track of employee’s leave? Are you tired of using payroll calculator for computing, moving, editing, duplicating and merging information that you need over and over again in many places? Will outsourced payroll services able to help you save more?

Singapore SME entrepreneurs can look forward for better operations efficiency and scalability in generating payslips with a centralised management software that allows HR department to easily manage, access and customised staff’s profiles, payroll, leave records all in one place. The payroll software allows an easy retrieval of employee information which can updated in real time such as the types of work pass and visa permits, S Pass, E Pass, details of their next-of-kin or emergency contact person from the database.


2. Comprehensive Integration, Reconcile And Flexible Payment Periods System

The HR payroll software has lots of useful features with such low payroll services fees. Payroll online payment is flexible. It has multiple payment periods where you can have the flexibility in monthly or fortnightly payments. It provides a comprehensive integration with external systems such as accounting software, banks portals in order to ensure you have a seamless flow of information with accurate values for company’s IRAS tax calculations and levies. It also allows easy reconcile of accounts for XERO accounting software users or else you can export DBS, UOB, OCBC, Maybank,Standard Chartered bank files through FAST (Fast and Secure Transfers) or Giro.


3. Link HR Payroll Software With Chart Of Accounts

More often than not, we would hear of certain accounting software is not compatible with 3rd party software or unable to integrate together to produce the result that we wanted. That’s why we often see Singapore SME companies using multiple software to fulfil different tasks. If you are using Xero accounting software, then you would never need to worry about recording transactions manually again!

The user-friendly payroll software is able to link all your business journal entries at one go. We can export the pay entries to Xero software easily if your chart of accounts is already setup in Xero. After the authorisation, simply synchronise all HR information of your company with the accounting entries from payroll to ledger where specific pay items will be broken down and posted automatically by the payroll system, such as salaries, general expenses, statutory tax, bonuses etc. If there are any changes in the chart of accounts, all we need to do is to re-import the chart of accounts into payroll system.


4. Online Payroll Services For Singapore SME

No more tedious paperwork for Singapore SME where it is hard to update or keep track human resources on papers. Online payroll services for small business provides organisation with more savings where there is no worries with physical space for storage in the office and less efforts needed for maintaining accurate payment and leave records. The advantages of having payroll online services or cloud-based payroll software are plenty. Besides the storage and accuracy issues, there is also less downtime or worry about loss of data if there is failure with the pc or mac.

With web-based payroll software, immediate changes to employee’s profile, leave approval, payment can be done with any devices and accessible anytime, anywhere. Have a peace of mind with secured HTTP access and SSL encryption standards as the system uses state of the art security to ensure the privacy of your bank accounts, income tax accounts, personal details are all protected and stored securely in the cloud.


5. Online Leave Management System For Singapore SME

Leave management is easy and simple where managers can have full visibility of all leave status in tracking and planning time off for the employees. It comes with online employee leave system with in-built team calendar where managers are able to know who are unavailable for work or whose leave applications are still pending. Managers can preset the payroll system with mandatory employment leave types, statutory leave entitlements and proration for every employee.

They can calculate and customise each record according to company’s leave policy or special leave compensation cases such as annual leave, maternity leave, childcare leave, sick leave, no pay leave or public holidays. Accruals, leave limits, extra time-off and carried-forward leave balances can be defined. Any status change in deductions and encashments will also be reflected in the payroll system. Simply create, approve or cancel leave for everyone where all will receive email notifications regarding the status. For big organisation, the leave management system is able to allow company to create different levels of approvers where groups of employees can be assigned to them instead of waiting for only 1 approver. The online leave management system integrates very well with the payroll system where payments to individual are added or deducted automatically should more leave is taken that he or she is entitled.


6. Upgrade Or Change Your Existing Payroll System To Payroll Online

If you are still using one software to manage payroll and another resource to manage and track leave status, it is time for you to consider a web-based payroll software that can perform multi-tasks. You can begin your research first on business payroll services cost comparison. Look for easy to use payroll online system that not only have an integrated leave management solution with payroll management services or payroll online calculator but also allows easy data migration. You should be able to simply migrate or switch from your existing payroll system easily by either importing the data or starting from new through entering data records manually.

Need adjustments to overtime pay and leave? No problem. Singapore Accounting have implemented payroll system with such good features to our business partners. We provide accounting and payroll services Singapore to SMEs. The online payroll system allows all statutory requirements to be configured such as having prorated and overtime calculations features. Therefore, there is no need for your HR to compute for every payment manually in order to ensure accurate payment ever again. If you like it and have decided to outsource payroll services, simply contact us with the form below to find out more about our business payroll services fees. In comparing our payroll services cost with the hours and issues that your business have already experienced, you might probably end up saving more than you can ever imagine.


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