international financial centreSingapore offers extensive services in the field of finance. The abolition of exchange controls has given the country a wider field for participation in international transactions. It has a booming Asian dollar market, growing financial sophistication and a government which aims to foster as many of the trappings of an international financing centre as possible.

The steps taken by Singapore Government to develop Singapore as a financial centre, both in depth and sophistication, include the following:

  • removal of exchange controls to permit international financial transactions.
  • provision of numerous taxation incentives.
  • development of a variety of money market instruments with exemption from stamp duty.
  • adoption of a selective and fair policy for entry of foreign banks and financial institutions into Singapore scene.
  • relaxation of immigration laws to permit the entry of financial expertise and skilled labour.
  • develop financial training facilities. Pte Ltd provides comprehensive consultation, company incorporation and accounting services for startups, small businesses, MNCs.  We can be contacted at 68174500 if you require more information on our services.