Singapore Accounting Services Fees For Local SME

S$300 – S$800 / month

Accounting Package Price depends on number of transactions per month. Transactions are sales and suppliers invoices, including staff claims. For payroll outsourcing, leave management or fees for other services please see below or “Pricing”.

We strongly recommend local SME to outsource accounting services to professional accounting firm for better profit visibility and finance control, even if you decide not to engage Pte. Ltd.

Outsourced Accounting Services Or Should You Hire An Accountant In-House?

  • outsourcing to the right accounting service providerDo you know what are the mandatory accounting services required after company incorporation or if your existing bookkeeping software is 100% suitable for your business?
  • Are you spending too little time with your financial accounting and bookkeeping in office or doing accounts at home?
  • Are you enjoying this process of organizing receipts, documents, book keep to track detailed records and work out the finance budget calculation yourself?
  • Have you really calculated if having accountant in-house is more cost effective than outsourcing to accounting services singapore provider?
  • Do you have the time to read, keep yourself updated regularly or receive professional advice from consultants for any new changes to your account, Singapore tax laws and tax savings schemes?
  • Do you know the requirements, procedures for SME in starting a business in Singapore or experience how to de-register a company?
  • Are you aware that secretary must be appointed within 6 months for new incorporated companies in Singapore?

If most of your answers to these questions are No, it is time to appoint an accountant or outsourced accounting services for better cost effective business development. Although we can understand why many startups or SME companies are not doing that or probably find accounting services are a cost centre to the business, but from our experience, we know that without these financial calculation data, most companies are unaware of any hidden dangers and are likely to lose their direction to what area they can achieve more cost saving in or any other area they can improve on. End your headaches today. We provide consultation in accounting and bookkeeping services, payroll services and Singapore tax filing for local SME. Price list fees of accounting service for small business start from $100. Why not book a free consultation session with our experienced consultants today and allow us to have the opportunity to help you analyze your finance, cut down on unnecessary expenditures and bring more profit to your organisation?

Accounting And Bookkeeping Services For Singapore SME

bookkeeping services online improve efficiency for invoices and paperworkAccounting is a process of keeping track of all the financial transactions in a systematic way, including providing a summary and report for analysis. In the process of bookkeep detailed account from customer payment, invoices to bank reconciliation, SME business owners are able to understand their needs and get to analyse their business running costs better. With professional accounting and bookkeeping services of team support to our clients, SME business owners can get more information to learn more about customer demographics based on daily bookkeeping registered data such as price, popularity of goods or service, taxation, registration time of when you can get more sales and location from account charts analysis and reports. Accountants are then able to use these informative financial statistics for this work year to work out profit and loss, whether to adjust current costing and project budget.

Cost accounting is used in management accounting to help operation managers increase profits effectively. We further assist in providing consulting advice of income tax experience, operation cost, loss prevention, strategies for SME companies with their estimated growth projection and generating financial statements for annual audit reporting and corporate tax preparation. Financial ratios such as PE ratios, leverage ratios, return on assets ratios, liquidity ratio are some of the ways to gauge the profitability of business that can be computed from financial statements. In addition, the financial statements provide important resources to investors, banks, financial analysts such as balance sheet, annual income statement, cash flow statement report for loan approval to SME or decision making purposes. Besides adhering to good accounting practices and Accountants Act, every business needs and is required to engage professional secretarial service or appoint secretary after their company incorporation in Singapore. If the company secretary is also equipped with basic accounting principles and knowledge, he or she can contribute greatly as your accounting assistant, to an important role towards company development growth with the accounting process.

Accounting Firms In Singapore For Company Incorporation And Payroll Services

Company Incorporation in Singapore with ACRAIf you are running small businesses or SME looking for company incorporation service, besides the renowned Big 4 accounting firms – KPMG, PwC SINGAPORE, EY (ERNST & YOUNG), DELOITTE & TOUCHE, there are also many accounting firms in Singapore that can be your suitable accounting partner, to help to incorporate your company, payroll outsourcing and annual audit report. However, you will need to research more on auditors as not all accounting companies provide auditing services. Accounting services singapore price list varies for each package provided by different service providers. Professional advisory services, after company registration, are provided that companies need or most commonly outsourced accounting service, bookkeeping service which the jobs includes providing the right fields format for the accounting form, financial statement compilation, corporate income tax filing, GST and ECI filing, personal income tax etc.
Accounting Services Singapore Process from Customer Payment, Invoices to Bank ReconciliationAccounting processes can be outsourced such as accounts payable or accounts receivable. Our accounting firm provides all financial accounting services that companies will require. We support company incorporation, payroll services besides providing value added management accounting and bookkeeping services. All services provided are necessary for our SME client with compliance to Singapore accounting standards. We act on your behalf in registering your company with office information to acra and manage secretarial services for your organisation in a package. Business name registration fee is inclusive. Our team abide and in compliance with Accountants Act. Call us to learn more about our services for SME. We will arrange for your consulting time and can also provide payroll services to help our clients in managing company HR matters such as payroll software and annual leave. Professional bookkeeping service for business is required and effective account management is critical in every business for development and growth in Singapore.

Popular Accounting Software For Accounting Services SingaporeWith the help of bookkeeping software and various types of singapore accounting service systems or online payroll systems, it is easier now for HR department to manage company’s human resources, keep track of the leave application and in compliance with employment rights under the Employment Act (Singapore’s main labour law). For efficiency, SMEs should take advantages of the technology in computing financial profits and expenses status using the supplied bookkeeping form fields format monthly or even daily to prevent undetected finance losses. Together with the right accounting methods and practices, we would advise on the Financial Reporting Standards (FRS) based on our experience. It is also important for SME owners or accountants to update their accounting knowledge regularly, get the best audit report advice from experts and especially keeping updated to yearly Singapore Budget. This can affect SME entrepreneurs, small businesses, middle to large businesses where any changes related to Singapore tax exemption schemes, employment pass matters for foreign workers, income tax rebates and government incentives can definitely influence the growth of a business.

Accounting Software Singapore Accounting Business Consultants Use : Xero

Accounting Software Benefits Save Cost, Time and Improve Productivity for Small Business and MNCsDue to the advanced network infrastructure, there are many types of cloud-based or online accounting software available in the market today to help companies computerise and manage their accounts. The bookkeeping system facilitates cost accounting in recording all incurred costs in a more efficient way for SME to improve its management. From past bookkeeping experience with SME, our team find upgrading to latest bookkeeping software is one of the best and fastest solutions to many management accounting problems such as security issues of data, lack of training, no further support provided by professionals, inaccurate reporting details and data corruption. A lot of work is now simplified and updating bookkeeping form is easier even for new SME company incorporation by keeping things more organized and professional with proper way of tracking past transactions like an expert. They are used by accounting firms in Singapore to provide useful professional management information which can be obtained easily to improve productivity and preparing the audit or account balance reports for SME entrepreneurs. Search for a proper bookkeeping system to take care of your business needs. Outsource to get these useful system to help create necessary forms, automate many processes for bookkeeping services where the full stock records, bank transactions, customer records are updated accordingly and an order form report can be converted into a sales invoice automatically.

Xero Accounting Software for Accountants and Singapore SME

Singapore Accounting services provider can recommend suitable accounting system packages for our client based on the budget and provide systematic bookkeeping software training to your staff. It is not necessary to subscribe for enterprise scheme if light bookkeeping work is expected. Otherwise, do your research well, read the specifications carefully and learn more about the technical support being offered. Depending on your system infrastructure, the system may not work well or compatible for use as accounting software for your current version of Mac or Windows. However, our trained professionals can help solve the problem with full installation preparation and software registration required by SME. Sage50, Xero, MyobQuickbooks,  or even Excel are the top 5 most popular business software that professionals use. Besides searching for cheap pricing, a good package consideration consists of ease of use, support and compatibility.

Xero Accounting Singapore Software FeaturesXero Singapore is our highly recommended accounting software for small business. It is affordable pricing, able to collaborate with people in your network, accessible from home, office or anywhere with internet connection. The dashboard can also be customized easily where you can have a one glance view of what you needed to keep an eye on. SME or small businesses can consider to get the innovative Xero Touch which is the mobile application of Xero accounting software. With Xero touch, you can even have mobile access with tablet or mobile devices, retrieve reports of transacted price properly and easy integration with 3rd party software. You can check out more accounting software review report and accounting software comparison. We package your bookkeeping needs and customize the essential services for our clients. Affordable annual or monthly subscription fee packages for SME different requirement.We would help our client to contact IRAS consultants to check if the bookkeeping software that you are using is in compliance and can fulfil their technical requirement. Call us for any business consulting purpose or simply register your interest to let us help you with the Xero software implementation.

Singapore Corporate Income Tax Filing For SME

Singapore Corporate Income Tax Filing for SMETax calculators are readily available to estimate your corporate tax refund accurately. Income tax specialists from our team helps our SME partners with full taxation preparation work, audit, update the form and file the financial statements in PDF or XBRL which is used by acra or our accounting and corporate regulatory authority. Accounting software are able to provide SME with more bookkeeping functions, prepare forms and professional reports such as computing your profits and expenses in real time where balance sheet provides insight to your funds, resources and financial strength of your assets, infrastructure assets, liabilities and equity. Companies have to keep proper records and financial accounts of all transactions for corporate income tax filing. With proper bookkeeping, it provides more convenience and ease in tracking transactions, payment dates and financial projection for better understanding of your cash flow status and concerned budget, business operations can be adjusted appropriately for more cash on hand.

Accounts payable and receivable can be improved where you can use your new liquidity and financing options for company development and growth, especially for SME entrepreneurs who need to prepare and maximize resources in order to get on fast track after company incorporation. Newly registered companies can consult for outsource solutions to gain more with early income tax planning, applying for SME loan package. Besides advisory service, Singapore accounting services include tax advisory for our clients. Submit early for each work year to avoid missing the deadline. Working from home businesses are required to file to iras as well. Heavy penalties is not desirable for any act. Keeping our clients away from penalties and stress are our full responsibility and commitment. A proper way is to plan and get your taxation preparation done early. Let our professional consultants help you with your annual Singapore tax filing, minimize your taxes and grow your business!

Accounting Services Fees of Consultants Pte. Ltd. provides a comprehensive list of accounting and bookkeeping services suitable to SME and all professions from different niches in preparing for their financial statement, audit and corporate tax submission by consultants at affordable price from $100. You can get more price details of registration fees, scope covered at our Accounting Services Singapore Price List section. The fees in Singapore can be competitive. Market rate for bookkeeper or accountant differs from each accounting firm depending on factors such as the types of accounting methods being used, experience with different niches etc. We would also consider if our client is using any online accounting system such as xero or is using an outdated system that makes bookkeeping work difficult and inefficient. Therefore, SME companies have to assess for themselves in consideration of the price for the respective accounting jobs and the professional consultation offered by their appointed accounting services singapore providers. In the act of finding your right partner, you have to consider your budget if the return can be higher, more beneficial and cost effective to do book keep yourselves where you might have to work even from home, hire in-house accountants or if the solutions are better for you to outsource accounting services to us where our jobs and area of expertise is accounting itself.

Accounting Services Outsource BenefitsOutsourcing for cheap accounting services may not be your best strategy in lowering your operating expenses. Keeping high operation cost for SME or small business is not a solution either. End your search today. Let us understand your needs first instead. We provide free consultation for our client. SME, local or foreign start-up companies can consider engaging our value-added accounting packages from company incorporation, secretarial services, professional bookkeeping to payroll administration and submission of annual Singapore tax. If require additional services such as payroll system, gst registration, simply contact our consultants to prepare a customized accounting and bookkeeping services to tailor to your requirements. Expect improvement in your business productivity and bookkeeping services expenses with our experienced consultants. The return can work out to save Singapore SME companies quite a considerable amount of money, energy and time annually. Ask our consultants for quotation now!

Cost Effective One Stop Accounting Services Singapore Packages Price From $100!

100% Moneyback Satisfaction Guarantee!


Our Corporate Services

From S$850

Provide smooth company incorporation including business registration, appointing secretary for SME or foreign companies that want to start a business in Singapore etc

From S$400 / year

Provide professional paperwork for corporate tax filing, tax planning or help on tax matters with IRAS for Singapore SME etc

From S$300 / month

Provide comprehensive accounting and bookkeeping management, financial statements compilation for new registered or in-operation company in Singapore etc

From S$100

Provide monthly payroll administration for Singapore SME, $10 / employee, on time salary payment to employees, personal tax filing etc

From S$350 / year

Provide statutory updates with ACRA, organising annual general meetings, financial report circulation to share holders, filing annual returns for Singapore SME etc

From S$380

Provide professional documentation, application management and filing for striking off from Singapore Registers etc

Your main focus should be on customers, company development and growth, not accounting.

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Enjoy a total peace of mind when you hire us. Because Singapore Accounting offers a “100% money-back guarantee” assurance when you engage our accounting services singapore packages – so there is ZERO risk on your part!

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Qualified Accounting Professionals

Singapore Accounting team are qualified members of:

  • Chartered Accountant of Singapore – CA (Singapore)
  • Institute of Singapore Chartered Accountants – ISCA
  • Association of Chartered Certified Accountants – ACCA

They are all Certified Public Accountants (CPA) who have adopted good accounting practices and maintained their professional competence through Continuing Professional Education (CPE) requirements recognised by national accountancy body of Singapore, ISCA. We have experienced tax advisors, tax practitioners who can help companies to organise and manage company’s resources efficiently. We have the knowledge and access to the latest resources and tax alerts where we can understand and advise companies on the services required, areas that would have tax impact to the business and make a difference to the financial growth of the businesses.


Singapore Accounting has provided an excellent service for my accounting and bookkeeping requirements. By following their analysis and advice on how to reduce company overheads, not only our profits increase by 27% but we now have a better cash flow! Have enjoyed better price rates with the services. Reducing unnecessary spending = Increasing profits indeed! Thank you!

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I find Steve to be a very sincere person. He delivers what he promises. Not only is he very responsive to questions asked, he provides value added advice…above and beyond the normal scope of engagement. I would say a trusted business partner instead of just another accounting provider. Thanks,!


Through friend’s referral, I engaged the one stop accounting services from Singapore Accounting to set up my new company. I believe the reason why we can have 2 branches today is because we are able to focus on company development instead of operations, HR payroll and accounting matters. The consultants have saved us lots of headaches in bookkeeping and filing corporate taxes. Thank you for being my reliable business partner and friend.

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