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from S$100 / month * Pte Ltd provide comprehensive accounting services in Singapore to MNCs, SMEs or small business entrepreneurs who are looking to outsource the accounting function and software. Our accounting specialists are able to work at your premise should the need for book keep service, financial and accounting support at company is required. Accounting services fees depends on number of transactions per month which are sales and suppliers invoices, including staff claims. Bookkeeping services fees for 1 arch file is from S$600.

Outsourced Accounting and Bookkeeping Services for Singapore SME and MNC

Accounting Services Singapore Outsourcing BenefitsAccounting is Cost Centre or Cost Savings?

We can understand why many startups, small business or SME companies find in-house or outsourced accounting services in Singapore are a cost centre to the business. However, without these financial accounts data and detailed bookkeeping, most companies are unaware of any hidden dangers and are likely to lose their direction to what area they can achieve more cost saving in. Accounting is a process of keeping track of all the financial transactions in a systematic way. In the process of bookkeeping detailed account from customer payment, invoices to bank reconciliation, SME business owners are able to understand their needs and analyse the business running costs better. Outsourcing accounting and bookkeeping services in Singapore to professional accounting services provider not only can help to cut down on unnecessary expenditures but to bring more profit to the organisation.Singapore Accounting Services Process

Accounting Services Singapore Price Work ScopeOutsourced Accounting Processes for Effective Business Management.

Accounting processes can be outsourced such as accounts payable or accounts receivable. Cost accounting is used in management accounting to help operation managers increase profits effectively. Financial ratios such as PE ratios, leverage ratios, return on assets ratios, liquidity ratio are some of the ways to gauge the profitability of business that can be computed from financial statements. The financial statements provide important resources to investors, banks, financial analysts such as balance sheet, annual income statement, cash flow statement report for loan approval to SME or decision making purposes.

Be it hiring in-house accountant, outsourcing or engage freelance accounting services for small business in Singapore, never underestimate the importance of financial interpretation of your business. We strongly recommend small business, SME and MNC to outsource accounting services to a professional accounting services provider firm in Singapore for better profit visibility, regulatory compliance and finance control, even if you decide not to engage Pte. Ltd.

Xero Accounting Software

Affordable and Customizable.

Xero Singapore is our highly recommended accounting software for small business. It is affordable pricing, able to collaborate with people in your network, accessible from home, office or anywhere with internet connection. The dashboard can also be customized easily where you can have a one glance view of what you needed to keep an eye on and allows easy bank reconciliation.

Xero Touch for Mobile Access.

SME or small businesses can consider to get the innovative Xero Touch which is the mobile application of Xero accounting software. With Xero touch, you can even have mobile access with tablet or mobile devices, retrieve reports of transacted price properly and easy integration with 3rd party software. You can check out more accounting software review report on Xero and accounting software comparison. Pte Ltd customize business bookkeeping needs and essential services such as Xero setup and Xero training for our clients. Affordable annual or monthly subscription fee packages. We would help our client to contact IRAS consultants to check if the bookkeeping software that you are using is in compliance and can fulfil their technical requirement. Call us for any business consulting purpose or simply register your interest to let us help you with the Xero software implementation.

Cost Effective One Stop Accounting Services Singapore Packages Price From $100!

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Our Corporate Services

From S$850

Provide smooth company incorporation including business registration, appointing secretary for SME or foreign companies that want to start a business in Singapore etc

From S$400 / year

Provide professional paperwork for corporate tax filing, tax planning or help on tax matters with IRAS for Singapore SME etc

From S$100 / month

Provide comprehensive accounting and bookkeeping management, financial statements compilation for new registered or in-operation company in Singapore etc

From S$75

Provide monthly payroll administration, $15 / employee (minimum 5 employee), on time salary payment to employees, personal tax filing etc

From S$350 / year

Provide statutory updates with ACRA, organising annual general meetings, financial report circulation to share holders, filing annual returns for Singapore SME etc

From S$380

Provide professional documentation, application management and filing for striking off from Singapore Registers etc

Your main focus should be on customers, company development and growth, not accounting.

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Money CashBack - Accounting Services Singapore

100% Money-back Guarantee

Enjoy a total peace of mind when you hire us. Because Singapore Accounting offers a “100% money-back guarantee” assurance when you engage our accounting services singapore packages – so there is ZERO risk on your part!

acca - Accounting Services Singapore ISCA Institute Of Singapore Chartered Accountants - Accounting Services Singapore chartered accountants - Accounting Services Singapore

Qualified Accounting Professionals

Singapore Accounting team are qualified members of:

  • Chartered Accountant of Singapore – CA (Singapore)
  • Institute of Singapore Chartered Accountants – ISCA
  • Association of Chartered Certified Accountants – ACCA

They are all Certified Public Accountants (CPA) who have adopted good accounting practices and maintained their professional competence through Continuing Professional Education (CPE) requirements recognised by national accountancy body of Singapore, ISCA. We have experienced tax advisors, tax practitioners who can help companies to organise and manage company’s resources efficiently. We have the knowledge and access to the latest resources and tax alerts where we can understand and advise companies on the services required, areas that would have tax impact to the business and make a difference to the financial growth of the businesses.


Singapore Accounting has provided an excellent service for my accounting and bookkeeping requirements. By following their analysis and advice on how to reduce company overheads, not only our profits increase by 27% but we now have a better cash flow! Have enjoyed better price rates with the services. Reducing unnecessary spending = Increasing profits indeed! Thank you!

Luana Therapy LLP

I find Steve to be a very sincere person. He delivers what he promises. Not only is he very responsive to questions asked, he provides value added advice…above and beyond the normal scope of engagement. I would say a trusted business partner instead of just another accounting provider. Thanks,!


Through friend’s referral, I engaged the one stop accounting services from Singapore Accounting to set up my new company. I believe the reason why we can have 2 branches today is because we are able to focus on company development instead of operations, HR payroll and accounting matters. The consultants have saved us lots of headaches in bookkeeping and filing corporate taxes. Thank you for being my reliable business partner and friend.

Real Sun Media Pte. Ltd.


How many years should the company's accounting record be kept?

Company’s accounting record should be kept at least for 5 years.

How many years should the company's payroll record be kept?

Company’s payroll record should be kept for 2 years at least .

Does my company need to be audited?

Your company is exempted from auditing provided your company is qualified as small company.

What is the definition of a small company?

A company is classified as “Small Company” if it meets the following:

  1. The company is a private company in the financial year.
  2. The company meets at least 2 of 3 following criteria for immediate past 2 consecutive financial years:
    1. Total annual revenue < $10 million.
    2. Total asset < $10 million.
    3. Number of employees < 50.

I have hired a Part Time staff. Does company need to contribute CPF?

Company has to declare CPF if earned income of part time staff is more than S$50.

When is the deadline for ACRA filing?

Acra annual filing is 18 months from the beginning of financial year.

When is the deadline for Payroll?

Deadline for salary payment is by 7th of the following month.
Deadline for overtime payment is by 14th of the following month.

When is the deadline for CPF submission?

Deadline for CPF submission is by 14th of the following month.

When is the deadline for IRAS filing?

Deadline for ECI is within 3 months after financial year end.
GST is 1 month after GST accounting period (eg. GST Jan to March 2017, deadline to file must e by 30 April 2017)
Corporate tax filing is by 30 November (by paper) or 15 December (by e-filing).

What is the difference between Director Remuneration and Director fee? Do I need to contribute CPF?

 Director remuneration is a monthly income which is supported with employment contract and approved by the members of the company and CPF  Contribution is compulsory. Director fee is not subject to CPF Contribution but must be approved by shareholders with the proper circulation of directors’ resolution and minutes.

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